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Developing an educational model that provides technical educational, training and guidance services according with the highest criteria of quality, that aligned with the labor market needs.


To provide the labor market with best technicians and highly qualified specialists who have technical skills that qualifying them to occupy the available vacancies in each of local, regional and international industrial sectors.


  1.  Providing a leading model of technical education to serve the prior industrial sectors, and to be scaled-up to different geographical areas, as well, to serve various industries and services.
  2. Developing updated curriculums that can be considered as references for all technical education development to be generalized on different levels.
  3. To enrich the educational and training abilities through building new laboratories and workshops on the highest standards.
  4. Preparing a highly trained teaching staff.
  5. Providing a successful model of the linkage between the technical education and the industrial needs and how it is integrates with other elements of the ITEC.
  6. Improving the social image and the cultural perspective towards technical education.